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The Directors Advocate provides advice to small business owners Australia wide. They assist business owners start, run, develop and exit their businesses. The Directors Advocate utilises in-depth industry experience, up to date knowledge and a proven team of business service providers to deliver results and value for its clients.

With a willingness to address the source of the problem not just the symptoms, The Directors Advocate has helped hundreds of business owners find the right solution to their small business matter and can very likely do the same for you.

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For over 10 years we have been providing industry leading advice to our clients.

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There are moments in business when a decision the business owner makes can result in the business they always dreamed of, or an extremely costly error with a generous serving of hindsight. Errors in judgement do cost people the business they have worked so hard for.

The smart business owner will seek out knowledge and objective advice from an expert in the area of interest, something he or she cannot do themselves. Only when the business owner correctly understands their current position, their rights, their obligations and the options available can they make an informed and educated decision. Drawing on the knowledge and experience of an expert allows the business owner to learn from the history of others that have already faced the same issue, reducing risk of a costly error in judgement.

The Directors Advocate aims to educate and empower directors when faced with adverse business conditions. They provide business consulting and services in Business Advice, Financial Control, Record Keeping, Planning and Decision Making, Business Support and managing Business Debt Solutions.

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