About Us

The Directors Advocate provides business management advice to business owners Australia wide. We assist business owners that are dealing with issues or matters beyond their own knowledge and/or experience. We provide our clients the experience, knowledge and expertise they need to deal with the immediate issue, to find the cause and to implement a long term solution to protect the business into the future. We assist start-up businesses, the development of existing businesses and also exit strategies for those wanting out or planning to sell their business. In-depth industry experience, up to date knowledge and a proven team enable us to deliver results and value for our clients.

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Easy to deal with, provides many business services with one point of contact

To benefit from our knowledge, experience and expertise

To source Independent and Objective Advice

We're focused on providing value to our clients

For Expert Advice, Contact The Directors Advocate Team.
For over 10 years we have been providing industry leading advice to our clients.